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Our Recipe:



     The first step in the name (or tagline) development process is your input via the Strategy Input Survey Form. Depending on the selected service, you will be asked to describe your company, product or service, and provide input about your customers, competitors, and key words in your product category or industry.    
     With this input, DriveThruNamesTM will conduct further category analysis and research. We map competitor and category names tpes, and submit a strategic evaluation of the category. Next we identitfy several naming and positioning platforms, and then generate name candidates for each platform. If you ordered 50 names, DriveThruNames will develop, score and rank 25-50 or more preliminary names, and conduct trademark screening for the top 5 names. If you ordered 100 names, 50-100 or more preliminary names will be developed, scored and ranked, with the top 10 names screened for trademarks. A preliminary name report will be emailed to you for review and feedback.
     For taglines, if you order 25 tags, 12-20 tags will be developed, scored and ranked in the preliminary tagline report. If you order 50 tags, 25-40 will be developed, scored and ranked in the preliminary tagline report.
     With your feedback on the first group of names/tags, a final name/tagline development exercise will be completed, with the remaining quantities of name/tagline candidates generated, scored, ranked and trademark screened. A final name/tagline report with strategic naming/tagline recommendations will be emailed.
     The final report will recommend a shortlist of names/tags (approximately 5-10 finalists). Often trademark legal review will "knock-out" a high percentage of name/tag finalists, so it's important to consider a several candidates/options for final name/tag selection.

Note that standard project turnaround is five (7-15) business days for the preliminary report, and approximately two (3-7) business days after feedback for the final report. For 48 hour turnaround, select DriveThruXpressTM for an additional fee of $250 per order.


After your final name selection, and ideally after legal trademark review, DriveThruNames can undertake other naming services including trademark registration, tagline development, domain name development, and if desired, translation screening.

Naming Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied, DriveThruNames" will develop several additional names or taglines, based on your feedback and additional input at No Charge. Your complete satisfaction is essential, as our business depends on repeat clients and referrals. Please understand that unlike tangible products that can be returned, names and taglines are intellectual property. DriveThruNames cannot police whether names are used or not. 

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