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Name Development Tips:

Help For Internal Names

     Many companies, from start-ups to established corporations assign committees to new product, even corporate name development. Often this process ends up subjective, non-strategic, overly conservative, and sometimes political.
     One recent naming initiative for a division of a multi-billion dollar holding company assigned a multi-functional committee of engineers, sales and marketing personnel to brainstorm names for a new system of products for a vertical market application. The result, dozens of synthesized, combination names, typical for engineering environments. In addition, the project code name, Genesis, was being pushed by engineering, despite its religious connotation, and reference to the rock band. In sum, not one breakthrough name.
     The good news, our client contact recognized the problem, and after a thorough briefing, DriveThruNames generated several name candidates that were then voted on by the internal committee, with a few finalists reviewed by the legal department for trademark availability. The result:  EnginuityTM Fastening System, a synthesized name with memorable alliteration, that reinforces a defendable position of engineered solutions. A name so well received, that it will be applied as a Master Brand for several vertical market application systems.
     Fortunately, DriveThruNames has developed a service to assist  company personnel involved in naming. Our Internal Name Review uses many of the tools and processes that our full naming services employ.

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