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Following are answers to several frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to link to the contact form, and email your question. A DriveThruNames staffer will reply within 24 hours.

QUESTION:  How do I determine how many names to order?
QUESTION:  How long does a naming project take?
QUESTION:  Why are no domain names available anymore?
QUESTION:  What type of satisfaction guarantee is available?

QUESTION: How do I determine how many names to order?
ANSWER: A larger quantity of names will always provide more alternatives and opportunities for name breakthroughs. However, small, local companies or brands, with smaller budgets, will likely have excellent results with the lower quantity. We recommend that larger, national corporations or brands select the larger quantity option, for the minimal, additional investment. Also, the more competitive, complex or technology-oriented your markets are, the more assurance a greater variety of names will deliver.

QUESTION: How long does a naming project take?
ANSWER: First, your time-selecting your service or services, completing the contact information, completing the secured credit card payment, and the strategy input survey form will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, with your strategy input requiring the majority of this time. Next, DriveThruNamesTM will acknowledge your order within 24 hours. Standard lead-time is 5 business days after receipt of your Input Survey, followed by 2 business days after receipt of your feedback. Expedited service is available for 48 hour turnaround. Select DriveThruXpress for an additional fee of $250 per order. Preliminary names will be emailed within 24 hours, and final names within 24 hours of your feedback, for as little as 48 hour turnaround!

QUESTION: Why are no domain names available anymore?
ANSWER: No question, most common words and names are already registered domain names, especially for .com extensions (the most important extension). Early on, "pirates" registered domain names, and attempted to sell the names back to trademark owners for small fortunes. Legally, many of these registrations were rescinded when proof of business enterprise was non-existent. Now, domain names are being registered more then ever due to a process called parking a domain, a term that describes websites that are used as directories, that link to other directories, and come up in search results based on key words. By linking to e-commerce sites, the parked sites and domains can earn commissions on sales that may occur. You probably witnessed such sites, often with cheap templates and seemingly arbitrary links. With so many domain names being registered, this situation reinforces the need for using more provocative, and certainly less common names.

QUESTION: What type of satisfaction guarantee is available?
ANSWER: If you are not completely satisfied, DriveThruNames" will develop 25 additional names or taglines, based on your feedback and additional input at No Charge. Note that your satisfaction is important, as our business depends on repeat clients and referrals. Please understand that unlike tangible products that can be returned, names are intellectual property. DriveThruNames cannot police whether names are used or not.

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